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  • A Garden of Peculiarities
  • A Garden of Peculiarities
  • A Garden of Peculiarities

A Garden of Peculiarities


The bouquet of this scent may come across as just another ordinary rose garden, but don't be fooled. This  classic and iconic blend will have you losing your head as it  takes the fresh leafy greenness of  geraniums and  nestles them amongst red rose buds.  These notes are then painted seamlessly over  the softness of  white rose petals,  and notes of sheer musk,  basked in the sweet aroma of fresh sundrenched apricots.  These  soft powder notes are exquisitely balanced with the loud, green notes all  while the lush undertones of cardamom, and tuberose lend their heavy  spicy florals,  creating an oasis  of tropical blossoms. A truly luxuriant indulgence, as any dream garden should be. 

Inspired by the Alice in Wonderland Series by Lewis Carroll

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