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  • A Wolf in Wolves Clothing
  • A Wolf in Wolves Clothing

A Wolf in Wolves Clothing


Oh my! What a big prowess you have, Wolf. This Wolf feels no need to tone it down or make themselves anything other than what they are, a Wolf.  Running through the dark forest, the crisp forest air wafts around you; woodland moss, frosted birch and the cool bite of snow dusted evergreens. The chill melts away quickly with the warm embrace of something far too familiar; black pepper, and cardamom, layered over and magnolia and cedarwood. The lingering scent of  smoke from a smouldering fire gives way to sensual notes of black rose, patchouli, orange zest, vanilla orchid and  sharp cinnamon leaf. Strong and seductive, the confident musk of vetiver and amber makes sure everyone knows the Wolf in this story has no need for a disguise. Inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales. 

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